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"While seeing the shelves in the store have less and less formula it definitely made me push myself to stick with breastfeeding and do everything I could to breastfeed. Not knowing how I would accomplish this task I came across Nicki on TikTok. With wanting to know where to go on this journey I hit the follow button. Again I had those doubts that I wasn’t going to be able to provide for my baby and I just told myself to have faith and get any and all information on how to breastfeed. What made me open my eyes is when she said something about "if your getting wet and poopy diapers then you're doing something right." With all the tips she’s given to be successful I've pushed through that “hard time” and I can happily say I'm doing so good. I have been breastfeeding successfully since November 27th, 2022. So thank you for being that support I can go to."

Taylor J.

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